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I love people & what makes them different or unique. They may be at a place in life where they are reinventing themselves or finding their authentic self. They want to explore what's next in their life (new employment, relationships, lifestyle, education, etc.)  or maybe they know what's next but, are unsure of the "how" or if others would be accepting of their choices. They want more out of life and they want to work and learn. They may have past traumas or experiences that have made this process difficult. 

Are you looking for someone who is straight forward and doesn't sugar coat things with "how does that make you feel" therapy speak? I am a therapist who is "outside the box," compassionate, funny, nonjudgmental and enjoys what makes you different. My mission is to help others to find their path by learning their worth and the skills they need to evolve into a person that can dream about their future & believe it can happen. I am straight forward, and I like to "tell it like it is." I don't like "cookie cutter" approaches. People and their stories are too unique for "one size fits all" therapy. The Milestones of your life helped create who you are today. Sometimes, it is good to take an inventory and decide what else do I need to learn? What lessons no longer enhance my life? Explore this and more in therapy with me! Please go to the "About Me" tab for additional information about my services and experience.

 If you're looking for extra support for specific milestones or just someone to walk with as you discover your path, I look forward to working with you!

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